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Siamese (meezers) are one of the most familiar and beloved breeds of cats. Known for their classic features, distinctive voices, and loyal characters, they are world-renowned for the joy, mischief, and good fortune they bring. It was said that when Siamese kings died, their souls would pass on to a Siamese cat, so that he could be present at the coronation of the succeeding king before attaining heaven. This cat would have been treated as part of the Royal family, and would have resided in the palace. Besides that, there are some Siamese cats who have a kinked tail and who have yet another legend. They're considered auspicious in the Far East, and legend has it that an ancestor of this breed voluntarily kinked it's tail so as to provide a safe place for the princess' rings while she was bathing. She used to slide her rings along the cat's tail, and there was no danger of them being lost, as the kinked tail prevented them from falling. Of course, if the cat ran away, it would be a different story, but if a cat is so faithful so as to kink his/her tail, try picturing him running away. This site is a virtual community of Siamese, part Siamese, and friends of Siamese. It is intended to be an extended online community for all those whose lives have been touched by these unique animals who grace us with their presence.

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Letter from our mommie
Posted by Jacob
0 Jan 17, 05 05:28AM
Cat Shows?
Posted by Brutus
1 Jul 30, 04 12:20PM
Posted by Elsa
0 Jul 29, 04 03:31PM
(no subject)
Posted by Misty
0 Jul 29, 04 11:37AM
I'm the pet of the day!
Posted by Elsa
2 Jul 29, 04 09:52AM
Welcome fellow meezers and friends of meezers
Posted by Elsa
0 Jul 28, 04 06:10PM
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